Mister Man: Come with me, mademoiselle, I'll take you to see this moving folk band.
Mademoiselle: Hmmm. Intrigued. Do give details.
Mister Man: Well they're a quartet that ranges from haunting to soothing. Influenced by everything from train tracks to Kerouacs; teardrops to rooftops; loving and longing; midnights and dawnings. Poetic lyrics levitate above guitar, cello and violin. The Lonely Vagabond, from Exclaim! describes them as having, "Acoustic beauty, soul-stirring vocals, and a buoyant spirit".
Mademoiselle: Further intrigued. Continue.
Mister Man: Well yes, it's a cascading sound. It soaks you with graceful melodies that at one moment embody an 18-wheeler and at the next a paintbrush on a canvass.
Mademoiselle: And the words?
Mister Man: They'll have you visualizing weeping angels, then they'll be commenting on gasoline, guns and pancakes. Pretty songs that lend a sweet serenity to their dark side. Ok I've said it all.
Mademoiselle: I'll say. To the Rivoli, then?
Mister Man: Yas! Sometimes I lay it low, sometimes I folk and roll. This is The Benefit of the Free Man.