Robert Dayton is a distinctive personality of many talents that often converge. Most recently Robert has been making short weekly videos as "The Canadian Romantic" which merges his writing, visual art, and performance practices. Robert has exhibited in numerous shows and publications such as Paper Rodeo, Free Drawings, Bananafish, Cinema Sewer, and Roctober. His work appears in the book "Nog A Dod: Prehistoric Canadian Psychedooolia" (Conundrum). As a visual artist Robert did a recent series of New Beard Archetypes and a series of Fantasy Beards at Paul Petro Special Projects, His distinct writing veers into humorous navel gazing, experimental fiction, pop cultural anthropology (often of the Canadian sort), and sometimes all points at once. Robert regularly contributes features, reviews, obits, a massive Paul Williams interview, an indepth Tonetta interview (Tonetta's first in-person) and quips to such publications as Roctober, Cinema Sewer, and Hunter and Cook. As a performer and songwriter Robert is in the art rock group Wet Dirt; the melodramatic glitter rock act Hallmark; defunct acid downer folk trio Points Gray (with Dan Bejar of Destroyer and Julian Lawrence) who left behind one 'lost' album; legendary longtime lucidly malleable act July Fourth Toilet, who have released two albums so far and a multitude of differently themed shows with a mandate of no two shows the same; and modern song and dance duo Canned Hamm (he is Lil Hamm who performs and banters alongside Big Hamm) who have released four albums and have toured their way into the hearts of people everywhere. As DJ Body Beautiful, he spins without boundaries at such regular events as FEELINGS where he also designs the posters.