MICHELLE McADOREY grew up in the east end of Toronto on the shore of a Great Lake. Raised by ex-hippies and public radio she was brought along to folk festivals and bars long before she was of age. She began writing songs as a young girl, but started her career in the 1980s’s in England as a back-up singer for the late Kristy McColl. Upon returning to Canada, Michelle, along with Greg Keelor, started the band Crash Vegas. A band she made three albums with (Red Earth, Stone, Aurora) that were released with Major labels throughout the World. Crash Vegas toured extensively in North America and Europe sharing bills with the Tragically Hip, Daniel Lanois, Radiohead and others. In 2000 it was time for a change, Michelle McAdorey’s next chapter and new decade would begin with the rhythm of the train. She began riding freight trains throughout northern Ontario and recording her songs independently. McAdorey continued playing her songs alongside some of Toronto’s most diverse Improviser/Composers Martin Arnold, Ryan Driver and Eric Chenaux. This period resulted in two highly personal and critically acclaimed recordings: Whirl (Queen of Cups, 2000) and Love Don’t Change (rat-drifting, 2003), the later an album of duets with friend and guitarist /singer Eric Chenaux. 2013 saw the release of a new 7” double A-Side Single, ‘Leave the Main Road /Line Across My Heart’ for Indie label Seventh Fire Record’s 7’ vinyl series. The 7” has laid the map for work to begin on a new Full length LP due for release in 2014. Both songs are inspired by McAdorey’s love of British Isles Folk/Rock and American Folk and Alt Country music, hinting at what is to come with her new collection of songs to be released in 2014 and featuring a new band. Through all of this Michelle has been fortunate to perform, record and collaborate with other artists including, Bob Wiseman, Blue Rodeo, King Cobb Steelie, Andre Ethier, Mary Margaret O’Hara, One Hundred Dollars, Richard Buckner, Gary Louris, and others. Michelle currently works and resides in Toronto and Magnetewan, Ontario with her so