Jon McCurley is a writer/artist from Toronto. He Is 1/2 of Life of a Craphead conceptual comedy group, who recently returned from a West Coast tour. He recently published a book of drawings with the My Topics book series. He co-organized the monthly performance/reading show No Face No Problem 2006-2008 which would happen in chinatown, or on the train tracks. He organized the Abandoned Nunnery Theatre Nights 2007-2008. He Is a regular comedian at Laugh Sabbath weekly comedy series. He is a co-founder of the White House studio, which is a regular house turned into cheap cheap cheap studios. His most recent play was DOUBLE DOUBLE LAND LAND was performed at gallery TPW earlier in 2009. Life of a Craphead are writing 2 new films to start a movement called Movie Summer – Invisible Bitch, and The Second Biggest asshole meets the Biggest Asshole, and a new play – Theatre Cube – to be performed in Denmark in the spring ooh la la la la!