EQUΔLΔTERΔL is a Toronto based interdisciplinary collective, working primarily with video, performance and installation. Founded in 2010 by Jacqui Arntfield, Emily DiCarlo and W.J. Wilson, EQUΔLΔTERΔL has already produced and participated in numerous performances, exhibitions and screenings in Toronto, Winnipeg and Budapest, Hungary. The focus of their practice is the activation of a transdisciplinary approach to art, emphasizing experimentation, reevaluation, contextualization and above all, participation. Drawing influence from unique backgrounds in fine art, music and philosophy, the collective engages in an exploration of diverse subject matter, which has led to the execution of such projects as: And The Answer Will Give Rise To The Next Question, an all-night intervention at a bar where patrons collaborated in creating a comprehensive text based dialogue, and 107 Wish, a participatory performance enacted on a chartered streetcar and aimed to facilitate connectivity in public spaces, where multiple individual wishes were directed toward a single birthday candle.

Emily Dicarlo is an interdisciplinary artist working with video, performance, photography, installation and text. Her practice focuses on issues of displacement, travel, time, power of the gesture and the existential self. She received her undergraduate degree in Fine Art Studio Practices from the University of Ottawa in 2007 and has participated in several group exhibitions, performance events and lecture conferences in Ottawa ON, Toronto ON, Budapest HU, and Monteverde CR.

W.J. Wilson is an interdisciplinary artist working with music, performance, video and photography. His work focuses on the communicative and visceral aspects of sound, the performer-audience relationship, the spectacle and the multiplicity of interpretation that can arise. Much of his practice centers on themes of the human struggle with Self and the Other, coping mechanisms to negative stimuli, faciality and the nuances of emotional loss.
Jacqui Arntfield is an interdisciplinary artist working with video, text, performance and installation. She spent four years at Queen's University focused on the intricacies of existentialism, hermeneutics and phenomenology, and as a result her work is deeply influenced by this study and it’s continuation, translation and extension into different forms of expression. Her practice concentrates centrally on the issues of subjectivity, alterity, perspectivism, signification, semantics and agency.

In Collaboration with: Riccardo Pecora is a Toronto-based videographer who specializes in documentary and whose themes include, but are not limited to, social minorities, theatre, art, and music and pop culture at large. He has won the Broadcasters Educators Association of Canada award for Best Music Video in 2006/2007 and directed the 2010 tribute documentary for the LGBT activist organization Egale, honouring W. Edmund Clark, President & CEO, TD Bank Financial Group for their Leadership Award. Most recently he produced "Hair", a site-specific video installation, for the Art of the Danforth Festival 2012.