Doctor Ew, a.k.a. Drew Smith, one of the jangly, power pop lovers behind The Bicycles has taken a pause from bubblegum bounciness to create an album to stir your spirit. A collection of songs that feel lost in time; sweeping, rumbling and crashing tunes spawn Doctor Ew's debut album GADZOOKS. Within its 14 tracks, rockers and gospel numbers, country ballads and sweet + savoury pop songs are melded together to create a wholly satisfying listen. Gadzooks is brimming with rich, spine-tingling emotion, laced with macabre, Ed Gorey-esque imagery and mixed with a healthy dose of camp. The Doctor rides through the dark vibe waves on his aqua guitar lighting the way with his smooth melodies, calming the seas and the souls of his listeners. Only running in under half an hour, the album conjures repeated listens. Many notable bodies were used in creating this album; credits include Sandro Perri for mixing and performing, Neil Quin (of Zeus), Peter Project, Jay Nunes + Darcy Rego (of The Meligrove Band), Laura Barrett, Andy Lloyd (of The Born Ruffians), Maylee Todd, Brent Randall and The Bicycles.