David Keyes was born on an island in the Adriatic Sea, but was raised in a suburb of Toronto. His career in the arts spans almost 30 years and includes musical works for dance, film and stage, literary pursuits, art happenings, curatorship, coffin making and fashion. He spent most of the 1980s involved with music, playing with a number of bands including the punk free-for-all, The Polkaholics and with the feminist riot girls, Fifth Column, releasing 5 LPS. In the 1990s Keyes began concentrating on publishing limited editions of handbound books. In the 21st century he continues to write and pursue papery arts and portraiture. In 2009 he started a small couture line, which features funeral fashions for the young at heart or just broken hearted. He recently authored I Do So Worry For All Those Lost At Sea (The House of Pomegranates Press). www.houseofpomegranates.com