Annie Onyi Cheung is an emerging Toronto-based artist who has been making performance art since 2004. Her work has been concerned with relational and identity politics, with increasing focus on generational and cultural difference. A recent graduate with a degree in Visual Art and Art History from the University of Toronto Scarborough and a co-founder of Collective, a Toronto-based collaborative performance group, Cheung's work and performances have been shown extensively at galleries throughout the Toronto area. She has also performed at several installments of The Labsessions, hosted by Labspace Studio, and screened work at 7a*11d's International Performance Festival and the Toronto Urban Film Festival. In 2009 she became a member of the curatorial performance collective 7a*11d. Cheung recently led an artist workshop for Gendai Gallery and presented new work at Fleishman Gallery and Blackwood Gallery. _scape with 6 and 7 with multi-channel sound design by Michelle Irving will be seen at the upcoming Nuit Blanche in Toronto, curated by Christof Migone.