ADMIRAL CRUMPLE is a dark, hardcore and clever hip hop artist from Toronto. He was born and raised in Rexdale – a tough area riddled with crime and Violence. His music is very Dark, hardcore with lyrics that are very empowering and original. He has accumulated quite a large online fanbase and draws an average of 100 people to each of his shows. Independently he has released 12 hardcore hip hop albums – collaborating with such great names as Pumpkinhead, Kool Keith, Cage, Sean Strange, and Jus Allah From Jedi Mind Tricks. He has also received praise in magazines such as Vice Magazine, Knowledge Magazine, Hip Hop Connection, Urb Magazine, Exclaim!, and more! His music videos are also very dark, hardcore original and popular – even getting on for his music Video Money Stacks. As of June 2012 He has 134,091 views for his music videos on youtube.