The Box invites you to an evening of short words, film, performance and music by:

Victor Coleman
Igor Drljaca
David Keyes
L Con
Cailean Lewis
Rea McNamara
Nell Tenhaaf and John Kamevaar

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The Box is a quarterly salon night of readings, performances, screenings, interventions and networking that aims to bring diverse communities and audiences into an environment of artistic and social intermingling.

Mark us down. Of course we'd love to see you there, at our winter mix.

Sunday, February 24
334 Queen St. W (backroom)
8 pm

Victor Coleman was born in Toronto. After a short stint working at Oxford University Press (a virtual apprenticeship in book design and the business of book publishing), he jumped ship to become linotype operator for the Coach House Printing Co. and Coach House Press editor and chief (from 1966-1975). He taught Can/Am Lit and Creative Writing for the Toronto District School Board and at York and Queen's Universities. He's received numerous grants and in 2001, was given the Harbourfront International Writers' Festival Prize. In 1996, when the Coach House Press had been run into the ground by various committees, he and Stan Bevington started up Coach House Books, the world's first simultaneous print and online publishing venture. His most recent books are ICONTACT, MAL ARME, The Occasional Troubadour, ivH (BookThug) and How to Become a Good Dancer (shuffaloff/Eternal Network). With Michael Boughn he edited Robert Duncan's The H. D. Book (University of California Press, 2011).

Born in Sarajevo, Igor Drljaca completed his Master's in film production at York University's graduate program in 2011. His award-winnng short films have screened at Toronto, Telluride, SXSW, Melbourne, Cinema du Reel, Tampere, Sarajevo, among many others. While primarily a fiction filmmaker, he continues to explore new territories and make hyrbid and non-fiction work. The Fuse: Or How I Burned Simon Bolivar was chosen as one of Canada's top ten short films in 2011. In 2012, he completed his feature film Krivina, premiered recently at Toronto International Film Festival and has since began its international run at the 2013 edition of The International Film Festival Rotterdam.

David Keyes was born on an island in the Adriatic Sea, but was raised in a suburb of Toronto. His career in the arts spans almost 30 years and includes musical works for dance, film and stage, literary pursuits, art happenings, curatorship, coffin making and fashion. He spent most of the 1980s involved with music, playing with a number of bands including the punk free-for-all, The Polkaholics and with the feminist riot girls, Fifth Column, releasing 5 LPS. In the 1990s Keyes began concentrating on publishing limited editions of handbound books. In the 21st century he continues to write and pursue papery arts and portraiture. In 2009 he started a small couture line, which features funeral fashions for the young at heart or just broken hearted. He recently authored I Do So Worry For All Those Lost At Sea (The House of Pomegranates Press).

L CON is the project of vocalist and composer Lisa Conway. An album of lushly orchestrated ballads was released in October 2012 via Daps Records, and a reimagination of the record, featuring sparse and experimental arrangements for voice, strings and electronics, will be released on March 5th of this year.

Cailean Lewis writes really good songs. With a flare for lyrical song craft and a solid grasp of pop melody, Cailean writes contemporary folk for kids who grew up thinking Dylan was their dad. Neil Young meets Neutral Milk Hotel, Pavement meets Parsons."

Rea McNamara (@reeraw) is an artist & writer. She makes videos, performances, animations, recordings and combinations of these things. Her work has been shown in both solo and group exhibitions, and she's been published in two anthologies, including Edible City (Coach House Books, 2009). As a salonièrre, she creates immersive, participatory events; past/present events including Sheroes and Moonshine Cabaret. She is committed to analog/digital arts-based community building, and conceptualizes and coordinates neighbourhood-building programmes and projects for non-profits and social enterprises. Rea McNamara lives in Toronto, and continues to perform and exhibit her own art projects:

NSF (nous sommes fragiles) was formed in January 2004 when Nell Tenhaaf and John Kamevaar realized their shared interests in lo-fi representations and core features of electronic media such as signal processing, feedback, and "noise." Kamevaar brings to NSF a noise aesthetic and a history of live performance. He started using non-musical sounds such as microphone and guitar feedback in his compositions in the mid-1980s, with his experimental sound group Kaiser Nietzsche. He is an active member of the Toronto-based improvisation ensemble CCMC. Tenhaaf brings to NSF an interest in computing research that makes models of how agents with lifelike behaviours interact, among themselves and with us. Her participatory sculptures integrate low-resolution video, algorithmic functions, and Kamevaar’s electronic sound. She is represented in Toronto by Paul Petro Contemporary Art.

Sarafin is a Toronto-based cartoonist and Mad Pride activist.  When she's not working on her webcomic, Asylum Squad, she can be found off shopping, socializing, reading up on spiritual affairs, and pursuing self actualization.  You can read her webcomic at